New Feature 1 of 10: The Enhanced Personalized Diagnostic Assessment

This blog is the 1st of the 10-part blog series introducing you to the 10 new features currently available for your use as you kickoff the new school year.

Set Math and ELA to comprehensive mode and the Enhanced Personalized Diagnostic Assessment is the first task your students will encounter as they launch their practice. Powered by our Knowledge Map, the new diagnostic tool is much more personalized and holistic than before.

Below we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the new personalized diagnostic:

1. Will the new assessment place my students on a learning path?

The Personalized Diagnostic is auto-assigned after you choose the learning path for your students. In the example below, the default learning path contains 10 concepts. The diagnostic is launched and the student passes 5 concepts. 2 concepts require additional practice and 3 concepts will not be attempted because they are dependent on the student knowing the concepts requiring practice. The diagnostic has adapted to the student and has carved a specific learning progression based on individual student results. Practices will start based on these results.


 2. How long is the diagnostic test?

The diagnostic assessment adapts to each student as it performs a complete check across the learning path. The length of the test will vary for each student based on their prior knowledge of the concepts. A longer test is indicative of students ready to master more concepts which translates to less overall practice required per concept within their learning path. Review Students A and B below whose diagnostic assessment covered the same learning path. However, Student A took only 5 minutes and passed only 9 concepts. On the other hand Student B took 42 minutes and passed 74 concepts.

Student A
short diagnostic

Student B
long diagnostic

 3. How can I view the diagnostic results?

Unlike conventional “diagnostic tests” that give students a “grade” or “raw score,” ScootPad instead updates the students’ learning path in real-time with concepts that passed the diagnostic and those needing practice.  There are several ways to view this progress: mastery progress bar on the adaptive practice dashboard, the learning path icon, and also the diagnostic report.


4. Does the diagnostic assessment count towards the weekly goal and coins?

Yes! The assessment will count towards the weekly goal and students will receive all coins accumulated for each question answered correctly.  The weekly goal reflects questions solved in Math and ELA once the task, in this case, the diagnostic assessment has been completed. Students can save and close the assessment as often as necessary but their results will not populate until it has been completed.

dt coins

Learn more about the “Enhanced Personalized Diagnostic Assessment” by watching an on-demand video.  There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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