September 2017

New Feature 3 of 10: Automatic Intervention and RTI Monitoring

This blog is the 3rd of the 10-part blog series introducing you to the 10 new features available for your use this school year. Once students complete the personalized diagnostic, they will start practicing within their adaptive learning paths. ScootPad will detect when a student is struggling and will automatically scaffold content in real-time (across DOK and grade levels) providing the student with practice in pre-requisite concepts. This automatic intervention happens in real-time with no involvement from the teacher and seamlessly within the students' adaptive practice.

New Feature 2 of 10: Engaging Tech-Enhanced Content

Brand new practice and assessment content built from the ground up using the 50+ tech-enhanced item formats which offer the psychometric properties that help more accurately measure student knowledge compared to traditional formats.

New Feature 1 of 10: The Enhanced Personalized Diagnostic Assessment

Powered by our Knowledge Map, the diagnostic assessment is personalized to each student to precisely identify which concepts the student has previous knowledge and which ones need additional practice.

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