Introducing ScootPad Solutions!

We’re excited to introduce ScootPad Solutions, a comprehensive set of student-centered learning solutions for teachers, parents and administrators. As classes resume, here’s how you can implement and incorporate innovative and efficient ways to improve student learning!  You now have the opportunity to see a live demo, read case studies, RSVP for ongoing solution webinars, or even schedule a solution-specific PD session focusing on the solution of your choice.

Here are the various solutions and the ways you can learn more:

Mastery Learning

Enable mastery learning for each student with personalized pathways, supplemental instruction and automatic mastery assessment. [ Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar ]


Supplemental Practice and Homework

Provide supplemental practice to help students fill their knowledge gaps and gain mastery in each and every concept. [Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar ]


Formative Assessments

Gauge student knowledge frequently, implement instructional changes timely and measure student growth effectively. [Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar ]


Response to Intervention

Predict which standards and students need intervention, identify implementation strategies, and monitor intervention effectiveness. [Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar ]


At-Home Learning

Parents stay engaged in their child’s learning and supplement learning at home to further enhance their kids’ ability to master concepts independently. [Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar ]


1:1 Learning Environment

Enable each student with personalized and self-paced learning opportunities leveraging and harnessing the power of 1:1 devices. [Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar ]


Curriculum Collaboration

Standardize curriculum seamlessly across all classrooms and enable teachers to create, use and share tech-enhanced learning content. [Read a Case Study / Join a Webinar ]


To learn more about ScootPad Solutions, click here to visit our solutions page online where you can schedule a live demo, RSVP for a webinar, or read a case study. There is always more to learn so don’t hesitate to explore or reach out to our support team by clicking the orange Help button.

The ScootPad Team

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