Improvement 9 of 10: New and Improved Personalized Diagnostic Assessment

This blog is the 9th of the 10-part blog series introducing you to 10 major improvements and new features currently available for your use in the new school year.

Improvement 9 of 10: New and Improved Personalized Diagnostic Assessment. Powered by our Knowledge Map, the diagnostic assessment is personalized to each student to precisely identify which concepts the student has previous knowledge and which ones need additional practice.

Below is a summary of what to expect with the new personalized diagnostic:

1. Holistic Assessment of Student Knowledge

Our proprietary K-8 knowledge map powers the personalized diagnostic assessment by checking student knowledge in each independent concept before moving to other dependent concepts across the entire learning path. This ensures the teacher has a holistic view of the concepts students know and which ones need additional practice.


2. Diagnostic is Truly Personalized to Each Student

The diagnostic assessment adapts to each student as it performs a complete check across the learning path. The length of the test will vary for each student based on their prior knowledge of the concepts. A longer test is indicative of students ready to master more concepts which translates to less overall practice required per concept. Review Students A and B below whose diagnostic assessment covered the same learning path. However, Student A took only 5 minutes and passed only 9 concepts. On the other hand Student B took 42 minutes and passed 74 concepts.

Student A
short diagnostic

Student B
long diagnostic

3. Diagnostic Assessment Results Updated in Real-Time

Unlike conventional “diagnostic tests” that give students a “grade” or “raw score,” ScootPad instead updates the students’ learning path in real-time with concepts that passed the diagnostic and those needing practice. At a quick glance the teacher knows which concepts were initially passed.

updated lp

Learn more about “New and Improved Personalized Diagnostic Assessments” and see this live in action by Joining a Free Webinar available every week this summer.

The ScootPad Team

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