Improvement 6 of 10: Predict Concepts Requiring Re-Teaching

This blog is the 6th of the 10-part blog series introducing you to 10 major improvements and new features available for your use in the new school year.

Improvement 6 of 10: Predict Concepts Requiring Re-Teaching with the New Intervention Monitor. Our new and improved intervention monitor is built on the research-based RTI framework to help teachers predict interventions early enough to intervene with specialized instruction and improve students’ academic achievement.

Here’s more information about these new intervention resources:

1. Customizable intervention setting allows you to define Tier 1 and Tier 2 re-teaching thresholds

The intervention settings in Math and ELA make it super intuitive for you to define the re-teaching thresholds at both the classroom and small group level. As you decrease the percentage, more students can be addressed systematically and efficiently.

intervention setting

2. Intervention dashboard with real-time notifications

Launch your classroom and you are one-click away from seeing students requiring re-teaching. This intervention dashboard provides a brief snapshot of students and concepts in both Math and ELA. Launching the intervention monitor will provide a deeper 2-dimensional grid view (aligned to the RTI framework) to help you quickly identify and implement your re-teaching and intervention strategies.

intervention dashboard

3. Intervention Monitor with a 2-dimensional grid view

The 2-Dimensional Grid style of the Intervention Monitor displays the students requiring re-teaching along with their respective scores in a specific concept divided by the intervention tier. With just a couple clicks you can assign and track improvement for one or more students. As a student’s overall proficiency in the concept increases, the student is automatically cleared from the intervention monitor!


Learn more about “Predicting Concepts Requiring Re-Teaching” and see it live in action by Joining a Free Webinar available every week this summer.

The ScootPad Team

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