Improvement 5 of 10: Quick Formative Data Using Entry-Exit Tickets

This blog is the 5th of the 10-part blog series introducing you to the 10 major improvements and new features available for your use in the new school year.

Improvement 5 of 10: Quick Formative Data Using Entry-Exit Tickets 

Entry and Exit tickets are a formative assessment tool that give you a way to assess how well students understand the standards/concepts they are learning in class. We’ve pre-loaded and made these available for each standard for you to use as often as necessary. The insights from these quick assessments can tell you instantly whether students have a superficial or in-depth understanding of the standards. Use the data to tailor instruction to meet students’ needs right away.

Here’s a couple benefits you can expect to achieve when using entry and exit ticket assessments:

1. Better coordination of assessment and learning

Plan to launch an entry ticket at the start of class or during class as part of your lesson plan. Use these results to gauge the temperature of the class. Then make quick pivots to your instruction. These quick assessments for learning allow you to spend less time teaching concepts students already know and more time in concepts they need help.

entry ticket

2. Measurable growth between assessments

Use entry tickets at the start of a lesson and the exit ticket before the lesson ends to measure growth.  Determine if your students need additional re-teaching and targeted practice based on the results. Show your students how to view their assessment report as part of a growth mindset shift helping them to own their learning.


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