Improvement 4 of 10: Automatic Mastery Checks

This blog is the 4th of the 10-part blog series introducing you to the 10 major improvements and new features available for your use in the new school year.

Improvement 4 of 10: Automatic Mastery Checks ensure students retain previously practiced concepts. In a student’s learning path, concepts are revisited with strategically spaced Mastery Checks, which helps create more robust pathways for recalling information over a longer term. Concepts successfully passed during the mastery check are marked “Mastered” in the learning path.

Here’s more details about the Mastery Check feature:

1. Mastery Checks are automatic and strategically spaced

Research shows that “spacing” and “spiraling” of curriculum leads to more robust encoding of information and better long-term learning (Schmidt & Bjork, 1992). In conventional “blocked” or “massed” curriculum, learning is concentrated in continuous blocks resulting in an “illusion of competence” (Bjork, 1999).


2. Mastery Check Ready concepts

The adaptive practice dashboard is where you can see concepts from the learning path in various stages of mastery. Concepts that are Mastery Check ready will appear turquoise for your students. This is your first indication that students have either finished the practice for these concepts or they have passed these concepts on the diagnostic test and waiting for a mastery check.


3. Mastery Grid Report

Out with guessing which concepts your students are close to mastering. The Mastery Grid presents this information in  a 2-dimensional grid allowing you to quickly see trends in your classroom. It becomes super clear which concepts are ready for Mastery Checks across the board in this format.

Mastery grid report blog

4. Mastery Check Review Summary

Each Mastery Check session gives students the opportunity to show the knowledge retained from previously practiced concepts. As concepts are passed in the session, their status changes to “Mastered.” If the student misses the concept, it is tagged as “Practice In-Progress” and will be queued / spiraled for more practice.

MC 2 blog

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