Improvement 1 of 10: Automatic Intervention with Unlimited Scaffolding

This blog is the 1st of the 10-part blog series introducing you to the 10 major improvements and new features available for your use in the new school year.

Improvement 1 of 10: Automatic Intervention with Unlimited Scaffolding
ScootPad knows when a student is struggling and it automatically scaffolds content in real-time (across DOK and grade levels) providing the student with the prerequisite concept knowledge. This automatic intervention happens in real-time with no involvement from the teacher and seamlessly within the students’ adaptive practice.

Here’s how you can monitor student interventions and scaffolding:

1. Adaptive Practice Dashboard


You will become familiar with the new splash of color in the adaptive practice dashboard. Concepts, from the learning path, in a scaffolded state will appear orange for your students. This is your first indication that scaffolding has started behind the scenes.

2. Learning Path Review – Units View


When you review a student’s learning path, you’ll see the concept(s) being scaffolded (in orange) and the pre-requisite concepts (in tan) which were automatically offered to the student during their adaptive practices. You can also see the levels of scaffolding when ScootPad drills down multiple levels when a student continues to struggle with a concept.

3. Learning Path Review – Domains View


The domain view illustrates the levels of automatic intervention in progress for your students. ScootPad will continue to offer real-time intervention to students with learning in pre-requisite concepts until all available resources are exhausted and the student needs re-teaching or intervention from the teacher.

4. Intervention Needed


When ScootPad exhausts all available resources, and determines a student and/or concept needs re-teaching or intervention from the teacher – this is when you’ll see concepts in the learning path in Red and marked as needing “Intervention”. You’ll find such interventions on your dashboard and also by launching the Intervention Monitor.

Learn more about “Automatic Intervention with Unlimited Scaffolding” and see it live in action by Joining a Free Webinar available every week this summer.

The ScootPad Team

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