New school year brings 10 major improvements to ScootPad

As schools prepare for the start of another school year and teachers get their classrooms ready to welcome students, we are introducing many improvements and new features this fall to meet the needs of schools, teachers and students.

Today we are announcing changes to ScootPad that will make it easier for schools to meet their student learning needs at a time when teaching and learning are becoming increasingly collaborative. We are also announcing a simplified pricing model, moving to a single, premium plan which will offer all the available and new features at the same low price.

We are pleased to announce the following 10 major improvements and new features releasing throughout the summer as we bring you a much more powerful, simpler and easier ScootPad to use starting the next school year 2017-2018:

  1. Automatic Intervention with Unlimited Scaffolding. ScootPad knows when a student is struggling and it automatically scaffolds content in real-time (across DOK and grade levels) providing the student with the prerequisite concept knowledge. 
  2. Engaging Content built with 50+ Tech-Enhanced Item formats. Brand new practice and assessment content built from the ground up using the 50+ tech-enhanced item formats which offer the psychometric properties that help more accurately measure student knowledge compared to traditional formats.
  3. Just-In-Time Instruction Lessons when students need the most help. Students now have access to launch a lesson during practice (i.e. on-demand lessons), receive automatically pushed lessons when they struggle (i.e. time-out lessons) or when specifically assigned by their teachers.
  4. Automatic Mastery Checks ensuring students retain previously practiced concepts. ScootPad will automatically revisit concepts with strategically spaced quick assessments, also known as Mastery Checks, to ensure students retain knowledge from previously practiced concepts.
  5. Quick Formative Data Using Entry-Exit Tickets and Pre-Built Assessments. Our out-of-the-box assessments save you valuable time while helping you quickly assess what your students know and don’t know, compare the results, and use these insights to adjust your instruction.
  6. Predict Concepts Requiring Re-Teaching with the New Intervention Monitor. Driven by student learning data and data-based decision making, you can predict supplementary interventions for students who do not respond to the automatic intervention and scaffolding provided by ScootPad.
  7. Developing a Growth Mindset through student feedback. ScootPad helps students build a growth mindset by providing feedback that reinforces them to embrace challenges and believe in effort as the path to mastery. Additionally, the new Weekly Goals feature encourages students to achieve and exceed their goals.
  8. Collaborative and Insightful Dashboards and User Experience. Our newly designed user interface helps you easily collaborate with others, get to any feature with 3 or less clicks, find expert advice or answers to your questions and more.
  9. New and improved Personalized Diagnostic Assessment. Powered by our Knowledge Map, the diagnostic assessment is personalized to each student to precisely identify which concepts the student has previous knowledge and which ones need additional practice.
  10. Context sensitive help and on-demand PD resources. With the redesigned help and navigation, finding resources on how to best use a feature is just one-click away. All training videos, free webinars and knowledge base will be available on-demand in one place and easy to find.

Over the course of the next 10 weeks, as we count down to kickoff the new school year, we will release a 10-part series of blog posts introducing and training you on these 10 major improvements and new features. We also welcome you to Join a Free Webinar available every week this summer to learn about these improvements live.

We’re sure you’ll love these improvements as much as we do. As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas – start a live chat from your account or simply submit a support request.

The ScootPad Team

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