Intervention Monitor 2.0

Our new and improved intervention monitor 2.0 is built on the research-based RTI framework to help teachers predict interventions early enough to intervene with specialized instruction and improve students’ academic achievement.


As shown in the screenshot above, our Intervention Monitor uses student learning data and employs data-based decision making to prescribe supplementary interventions for students who do not respond to the automatic intervention and scaffolding provided by ScootPad. Tier 1 intervention involves improvement in identified concepts for most (if not all) students in the class. Tier 2 intervention involves improvement in identified concepts for a small group of students. Tier 3 intervention involves improvement in the specific concepts which only one student is struggling warranting a 1:1 instruction.


Follow-up intervention-driven instruction with improvement practice assignments to help students practice and demonstrate improvement in specific concepts. Using our new “decaying average” based proficiency algorithms, students can quickly and systematically demonstrate proficiency through improvement practices and gain concept mastery. Progress monitoring is fully automated to help teachers focus on delivering multi-level interventions.

Note: When students receive the “no more questions are available” message, it often means that there are no concepts available to practice and most likely the student needs intervention in multiple concepts. Review the intervention monitor to identify interventions for that student and assign intervention improvement practice as described earlier.

We hope our revamped intervention monitor helps teachers predict, intervene and improve student learning. As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas – start a live chat from your account or simply submit a support request.

The ScootPad Team

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