Entry and Exit Ticket Assessments

We’re excited to announce the availability of Entry and Exit ticket assessments for each and every standard (in math and ELA across grades K-8). These quick assessments are easy to use and take little time away from instruction. Many teachers use them routinely – even daily – and attest to their positive influence on student achievement.


Why use Entry and Exit Tickets?

Entry and Exit tickets are a formative assessment tool that give you a way to assess how well students understand the standards/concepts they are learning in class. You can use this daily or weekly and the data can tell you instantly whether students have a superficial or in-depth understanding of the standards. Use the data to tailor instruction to meet students’ needs right away.

How to get started with Entry and Exit Tickets?

Launch your classroom and under Math or ELA, click Assessments and then click “Entry and Exit Tickets”. Search by standard, preview and assign to your students (as seen above). Use Entry Ticket as a Pre Assessment and Exit Ticket as a Post Assessment to assess at multiple intervals and measure growth between the pre and post assessments.


What benefits do you achieve?

  • Increase learning gains. Research shows that formative assessment raises the achievement of low performing students more than that of higher performing students, reducing the range of achievement and raising achievement overall.
  • Better coordinate assessment and learning. Assessment connected to learning provides better instruction focused on standards and more self-managed learning by students.
  • Differentiate learning for diverse classrooms. Because formative assessment is continual, teachers are able to identify the strengths of individual students as well as areas where lessons need to be differentiated to meet the needs of particular students.
We hope you’ll enjoy using these entry and exit ticket assessments to tailor your instruction and positively impact student achievement! As always, we welcome your feedback, suggestions and ideas – start a live chat from your account or simply email us at support@scootpad.com.
The ScootPad Team

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