Introducing Personalized Learning 2.0

We’re very excited to announce the general availability of our Personalized Learning 2.0 capabilities. It all started 12 months ago when a team of 40+ educators, engineers and curriculum developers got together to re-imagine personalized learning. Today, after a successful 8-month development cycle followed by a 4-month pilot/beta, we’re thrilled to see that vision become a reality as we release 2.0 features to all users on ScootPad.

How exactly does 2.0 enhance student learning?

While 2.0 was a total redesign (from the ground-up) of the entire learning experience for all users (students, teachers and administrators), following are the major enhancements and their benefits you will realize with 2.0:

Knowledge Map

Knowledge Map driven learning progression provides the logical sequence based on interconnected concepts and a bridge between prior knowledge and new knowledge.


Spiraling and Spacing

Concepts are practiced simultaneously over time (“spiraling”) and revisited with strategically spaced mastery checks (“spacing”). Research shows that “spacing” and “spiraling” of curriculum leads to more robust encoding of information and better long-term retention.


Real-Time Content Scaffolding

Content gets scaffolded in real-time adjusting to students’ individual needs with progressively deeper or prerequisite knowledge.


Depth Of Knowledge (DOK)

Content has been developed with the Webb’s Depth Of Knowledge leveling to more accurately measure rigor i.e. complexity of thinking required to master a concept.


Technology Enhanced Items (TEI)

All practice and assessment content has been re-developed using the 50+ tech-enhanced formats which offer the psychometric properties that help more accurately measure student knowledge compared to traditional formats.


New Instructional Lessons

Each concept now comes with multiple instructional lessons including OER video lessons (from Khan Academy, CK12 etc.) which offer students more resources and opportunities to learn concepts independently.


New Personalized Diagnostic

The new personalized diagnostic assessment checks student knowledge in each independent concept before moving to other dependent concepts across the entire learning path. This diagnostic test adapts to each student and will result in identifying all concepts the student is already proficient and those that need practice. Upon completing the diagnostic test, students can launch adaptive practices to fill those knowledge gaps.


Time-Out Lessons

Our algorithms continuously track the way students engage with the platform as they practice each concept. Drawing on each student’s learning history coupled with how other students learn the same concept, we push automatic “timeout” lessons so students can learn a concept before moving ahead with practice. Students can always launch a lesson on their own (on-demand lessons) by clicking the Learn button in the practice page.


Automatic Mastery Checks

ScootPad will periodically spiral concepts and assign quick assessments, also known as Mastery Checks, to ensure students retained knowledge from previously practiced concepts. Mastery checks determine if a student mastered the concept or needs additional practice in that concept (and perhaps other concepts that may depend on it).


Mastery Measurement based on Decaying Average

Practice 2.0 incorporates a new method to determine mastery based on the “decaying average” or a.k.a. “moving average” formula. Traditional averaging would punish the student for not understanding it at the beginning. Decaying average weights the most recent score at 65% and therefore gives a final score that better shows the student’s current understanding. You can see the difference in the outcomes below.

 Questions #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 Final Score
Traditional Average 50%
Decaying Average 65% 95%

We have a ton more features and improvements that are also available with this 2.0 release including a New Intervention Monitor, Enhanced Formative Assessments, Simplified User Experience, New Insights & Reports to just name a few.

Successful Pilot & Beta Testing

Since the past 4 months, 2.0 has been in Beta release and with the help of many schools and teachers we were able to field-test the new 2.0 features with focused pilots engaging real classrooms, teachers and students. We’ve received extensive and rapid feedback from these pilots which allowed us to make improvements to the features and resolve reported bugs. Today, we’re happy to release the new 2.0 features to all teachers and recommend taking advantage of the much enhanced personalized learning experience on ScootPad.

Ready to get started with 2.0?

We have a new blog dedicated for 2.0 with all the details including step-by-step how to guides and videos. We also invite you to join our weekly live webinars to watch and learn how to get started with the new 2.0 features for your classrooms and students:

Have questions?

Our expert support team is standing by to answer all your questions. Start a live chat from your account, give us a call or simply submit a support request. We’re here to get all your questions answered and get you started with 2.0 right away!

We hope you’ll love these Personalized Learning 2.0 features as much as we do. As always please send us your suggestions, ideas and feedback.

The ScootPad Team

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