New Curriculum Explorer and Assessment Features!

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ScootPad is known for offering a comprehensive K-8 curriculum covering Math and ELA for Common Core. In 2017, we are committed to giving you access to an even wider selection of US State and International Standards. We released the Indiana Academic Standards and England National Standards last Summer and there will be more on the way. Check out our new Curriculum page where you can see detailed coverage and what’s coming.


New Assessment Content in 50+ TEI formats

We’re excited to announce new tech-enhanced items in our Question Bank. Each and every standard from our supported curricula including Common Core, Indiana Academic Standards and England National Curriculum, now have over 50 items covering various DOK levels and TEI formats to choose from. All the new tech-enhanced items have been thoroughly tested on all supported devices including iPad, Chromebook and Android tablets. Our Assessment Auto-Generator feature has been enhanced to make it even easier so that you can generate assessments with high quality questions in just a few simple clicks. Go ahead and explore our Question Bank and get started with generating your advanced tech-enhanced assessments!


Thanks again for all the wonderful and insightful feedback. Please continue to provide us with your suggestions.

ScootPad Team


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