Class Wall gets more engaging

To help you better engage your students on ScootPad, we have made several improvements to the Class Wall!

1. You and your students can post more than just text! Both teachers and students can post images, URLs, and videos. Want to try it out now? Follow these steps to post a video.

2. Based on your suggestions, we’ve made the spell check function less strict, allowing students to post messages that may contain mistakes or words not recognized in the dictionary.

Note: Inappropriate words (if spelled correctly) will be blocked. Additionally, the only single letters that are allowed are the letters “i” and “a” – this is to prevent students from spelling out an inappropriate word with spaces in between the letters. Computer-savvy students may be able to figure out other creative ways to post inappropriate words, therefore we strongly encourage you to be vigilant of what your students are posting!

3. Students can encourage each other by giving a thumbs-up to a classmate’s post. They also have the ability to flag a post, should they see an inappropriate message. If a post is flagged 5 times, you will be notified to review it.

Students can “like” a classmate’s post
Students can flag an inappropriate post

We hope with these improvements you enjoy better engagement with your students on ScootPad!

The ScootPad Team


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