New Assessment Content Available!

We’re super excited to announce the release of our new assessment content! Each standard (across grades K-8 in math and ELA) now has many assessment questions available (100+ in some cases) in various TEI formats and DOK Levels.

These questions are fully aligned to the standard with varying levels of DOK (Depth of Knowledge Level 1-4). You can now use the filters to search for questions at your desired level of DOK.
Moreover, all questions are developed using the 50 tech enhanced question formats with a minimum of 5 formats per standard – such as drag and drop, graphs, reorder paragraphs, and more! You can now use the filters to search for questions of your desired TEI format.

You can either browse the question bank and handpick your favorite questions for an assessment. Or, you can auto-generate an assessment and let ScootPad pick the questions for you based on the concepts you want. Ready to create an assessment? Follow these steps from our Help Center.
We hope that you enjoy the enhanced assessment content! If you’d like to learn more about Assessments and the Content Exchange, please see our blog post.
The ScootPad Team

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