Spelling: Assignment Review Improvements

Based on feedback from teachers and other educators, we’re happy to release several improvements to the Assignment Review page for Spelling!

Here’s what we improved on:

1. You can review multiple student results at once. Instead of clicking each student one-by-one, you can see all their scores and results on one page.


2. You can give feedback to multiple students at once. If you have the same feedback to give all or some of your students, select those students and enter the feedback for all of them in one go.


3. You can reassign the assignment to a student or multiple students. For students who have scored below expectations, this is a quick way to have them do the assignment again.


4. You can review results by student or by word and easily identify which words or students need some attention.


5. You can print your students’ submissions and their feedback details for your records, or for your students to take home to show their parents.


We hope these improvements help you more efficiently review your students’ results! Be on the lookout for similar improvements to the Assignments Review page for Reading Log, Projects, eBooks, Writing, Math & ELA in the coming days.

If you have any questions, start a live chat from your account or email us at support@scootpad.com.

The ScootPad Team


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