Teacher Training & PD

Are you a teacher looking to become more ScootPad-saavy, or an admin wanting to get your teachers trained on ScootPad?

We’ve got you covered with on-demand help resources, free webinars, and PDs!

Get trained swiftly in 3 easy steps

Please follow this recommended training approach, and teachers will be able to fancy themselves ScootPad experts:

  1. First, have teachers navigate through their account, and check out our Training page for helpful tips and videos.
  2. Then, have teachers sign up for a free weekly webinar to further learn basic to advanced ScootPad skills. They can sign up for a webinar on our Training page.
  3. Finally, schedule a PD workshop, a personalized live webinar training just for your school. Email training@scootpad.com for more information or to schedule a PD.

Free Weekly Webinars

Our free webinars are open for anyone to sign up! And did we mention they’re FREE?Here’s our schedule (all times in Pacific):

Every Tueday:
2pm – ScootPad for Admins
3pm – Admins: Exciting Improvements on ScootPad

Every Wednesday:
11:30am – ScootPad Basics for Teachers
12:30pm – ScootPad Advanced for Teachers
3pm – Teachers: Exciting Improvements on ScootPad

Every Thursday:
2pm – ScootPad Basics for Teachers
3pm – ScootPad Advanced for Teachers

Register Now

We look forward to getting you trained and turning you int a ScootPad expert!

The ScootPad Team


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