Student Dashboard: New Year, New Look!

We've given the Student Dashboard a new look based on feedback from teachers and parents like you! Tasks are now color coded by type: Assessments are pink Placement tests are orange Assignments are green Practices are purple Student Daisy's dashboard Students can view tasks by all types or by each individual type. The Launch button... Continue Reading →

Teacher Training & PD

Are you a teacher looking to become more ScootPad-saavy, or an admin wanting to get your teachers trained on ScootPad? We've got you covered with on-demand help resources, free webinars, and PDs! Get trained swiftly in 3 easy steps Please follow this recommended training approach, and teachers will be able to fancy themselves ScootPad experts: First, have teachers... Continue Reading →

Back to School Tips

We hope you had a wonderful summer vacation! As the new school year approaches, here are some helpful action items for you to get your classroom(s) ready for your new students. If you're using an already existing classroom... Un-enroll your old students: Here's how Change the name of your classroom: Here's how Enroll new students: Enroll existing... Continue Reading →

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