Important: Check your device for ScootPad

As we make improvements across ScootPad this summer, we’ve also made a few important updates to the system requirements. To ensure that your device and your network are compatible and ready for ScootPad, please take a moment to double check by simply clicking the “Check Now” button below.

Check Now

Admins and teachers: Please make sure to check from within your school network.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You should see a message that your device is compatible with ScootPad. The status of all the checks should say OK. If it doesn’t, please contact your school/district network/system administrator with the message shown on the screen.

That’s it! We hope you can perform this check as soon as possible and make sure your devices are ready for ScootPad. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

The ScootPad Team

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