Exciting improvements to ScootPad

We are thrilled to announce several improvements across ScootPad coming this summer/fall. These improvements reflect our continuous commitment to improve the overall user experience on the platform and across all devices, making the interface and workflows simpler and more efficient for everyone.

Here is sneak-peek of what you can expect:

1. Support for State-Specific & International Curriculums
Enable learning paths or build your own custom paths aligned to your state’s own standards/curriculum, not just Common Core. We will have Indiana State Standards and England National Standards this fall while other US state-specific and international curriculums will be available later this year.

2. Enhanced Content Depth & Rigor
We’re revamping our content with enhanced formats and deeply aligned questions at the required Depth Of Knowledge (DOK) levels using a wide-array of our 50+ tech enhanced item types. With this improvement, students will master concepts using engaging content through out the year and are better prepared to ace the end of the year tests including SBAC, PARCC and other high-stakes assessments.

3. Improved Personalization & Adaptive Algorithms
With enriched content depth, each student’s learning gets deeply personalized by harnessing the power of the data collected across all students. With our enhanced adaptive algorithms, students receive automatic intervention from the new dynamic scaffolding feature of concepts. Struggling students will automatically receive pre-requisite concept instruction while advanced students acquire much deeper knowledge – all in real-time and deeply personalized to each student.

4. On-Site Mentor: A ScootPad expert at your school!
We’ll identify and train a ScootPad On-Site Mentor at each school who can then mentor/guide rest of the teachers/staff with all ScootPad needs. Your dashboard will also have a twitter/facebook-style feed that helps you collaborate in real-time with your fellow teachers, admins, and mentors on anything including tips, questions and best practices.

5. Major Improvements to the ScootPad User Experience: 
You spoke, and we listened! We are taking your feedback, ideas, and suggestions and deploying them in mini-releases throughout summer as follows: Assessments & Content Authoring (mid-June), Instruction & Learning Paths (mid-July), Practice & Analytics (late-August). With each release, we will publish release notes and training videos to help you visualize and implement these improvements.

Please stay tuned for more updates as we roll out these improvements over the next 3-4 months.

The ScootPad Team


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