End of the School Year Checklist

With summer just around the corner (or maybe already here for you lucky ones!), we wanted to provide a “checklist” to help you wrap up the ‘15-’16 school year on ScootPad.

1. Download and store reports.
Before you unenroll students, be sure to download and store reports for your records.
How to view reports
How to download data

2. Enable Summer Learning for your students.
Check your license expiration. If it is still active, make sure to take advantage of Summer Learning, empowering your students to maintain skill building over the summer.
For more information: 2016 Summer Program

3. Create rewards for students to redeem their coins.
Coins are tied to the classroom in which they are earned, so encourage your students to use their coins on games and/or fun, end-of-the-year rewards. Consider giving away old posters, books, or supplies for coins!
How to add a reward

4. Now, relax!
Summer is a time to relax, have fun, and recharge for the new school year. We’re still here to help you if you have any questions over the summer. Send us an email at support@scootpad.com.

Teachers: End of School Year FAQs
Admins: End of School Year FAQs

Happy Summer!

The ScootPad Team


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