Feature highlight: Questions about content?

Did you know….You can reach out directly to our content team!

Ever have a question about a question? A conundrum with our content? You can report content issues directly to our fabulous and knowledgeable content team so that they can take a look at the exact question, student, task, and standard!

Whether it be a problem you see with standard alignment, functionality, or the answer is inaccurate…you can report issues using the “Report a mistake in this question option under each question while reviewing results.

blog - edited report question 3

Click on that link and include any and all details about the issue, and it will send a request to our Content Team!

Here is a step by step guide from our help center on how to view and report content issues: https://scootpad.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/677311-how-do-i-report-an-issue-with-content

ScootPad Team


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