Ringing in the New School Year with ScootPad

It’s that time of year again when backpacks are full of fresh school supplies and the white boards are clear of marker stains. Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year, folks! While you’ve been prepping for the new school year, we’ve been busy working on new features and improvements (most of which were requested by you).

New Help Center


Our help center has undergone a total revamp. Along with newly designed search, we reorganized our help articles to make it easier for you to navigate around and find answers to your questions. We’ve also created step-by-step instructions to Get Started including the Top 10 Ways To Use ScootPad based on best practices you told us.

Assessments 2.0


Create your own assessments and questions in 50+ technology-enhanced formats, and share them with others. We’re also empowering our network of 200,000+ teachers to rate, flag, and recommend content so you get to use and choose the best questions and assessments for your students.

LTI integration


Keeping track of login credentials for multiple tools can be tedious. So, with that being said, ScootPad is now offering LTI integration and allowing single sign-on for students from their existing SIS/LMS systems.

Adaptive Spelling


Students can now practice Spelling words on auto-pilot with our new Spelling adaptive learning paths, similar to ELA and Math. Teachers no longer have to manually assign wordlists to students, ScootPad has taken care of creating grade-level wordlists for all K-8 grades which are automatically available for all classrooms. You can also assign your own custom word lists and assignments as always.

Historical Student Mastery Report


We’ve made historical student mastery data available to you so you have greater insight into your students’ present and past proficiency and struggles. Unlike any other solution, we let you keep your student data on ScootPad (safe and secure) so teachers get to gain invaluable historical mastery insight for their new students.

Student Data Management Improvements



Managing student rosters on ScootPad got a lot easier for both teachers and administrators. We’ve added new features such as bulk upload, bulk enroll, move students between schools, search and enroll students and more.

Free weekly webinars to learn more!

Whether you need an introduction, want to get tips on prepping for the new school year, learn more about our new features, or just want to hear our lovely voices, you’re invited to join in on our free weekly webinars.

RVSP now at http://scootpad.com/training

For everything else, we’re always here to help! Feel free to start a live chat with us or shoot us an email at support@scootpad.com or call us at 1-800-994-0706.

ScootPad Team


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