Adaptive Spelling Learning Paths: NOW Available!

The first big feature release of the summer is here! Get your students on a fully-automated Spelling Learning Path, and let students complete spelling lists on Auto Pilot!

Spelling Learning Paths

You now have access to Spelling Learning Paths for all K-8 grades, each with 40 grade-aligned word lists and sequenced to increasingly challenge students. You can also create your own paths that align with your curriculum and get students to practice your custom word lists. You can have all students on one path or further differentiate by having students on their own paths.

Fullscreen capture 5152015 31429 PM.bmp


While on a Spelling Learning Path, students can simply Launch their auto-assigned practices from their dashboard!  Students progress on their path by getting a 100% on each word list, and automatically moving on to the next list.

Fullscreen capture 5192015 83716 AM.bmp

View Practice Results

As students complete spelling practices driven by their learning paths you can easily view practice results in real-time and find each attempt or filter by students and word lists.

Fullscreen capture 5192015 84447 AM.bmp

Manual Assignments

In addition to the Adaptive Spelling Practices, you can still create your own word lists and manually assign your own spelling assignments as usual.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Please tell us what you think and keep giving us your feedback and suggestions as always!

ScootPad Team


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