Design & Share Learning Paths within school or district-wide

Dear Teachers & Administrators,

We’re excited to announce this new feature which enables teachers and administrators to create, use and share custom learning paths with other teachers. Custom learning paths help you design your own curriculum in Math and ELA with the scope and sequence of common core concepts rightly aligned for your students.



Here’s how you go about designing and sharing learning paths:

lpath-add Step 1) Add a Custom Learning Path
Under the “My Custom Learning Paths” tab of your Math or ELA Learning Paths page, click the “Add Learning Path” button to create a custom learning path.
 lpath-design Step 2) Design the scope and sequence of concepts 
Design your curriculum with the scope and sequence of standards/concepts to meet your students’ specific needs. You have access to all Common Core Standards/Concepts across all K-8 grade levels to choose from.
 lpaths-assign Step 3) Use it with your students  
Under the “Assigned To Students” tab, click the “Manage Student Paths and Units” button to assign a learning path to your student(s).
lpath-share Step 4) Share it with other teachers
From the “Actions” drop-down of your custom learning path, choose the “Share” option to share this learning path. Once shared, all teachers at your school can instantly access your learning path under the “Shared Learning Paths” tab in their accounts.

  • Teachers can share with other teachers at their school
  • School administrators can share with all teachers at their school
  • District administrators can share with all teachers across all schools in their district
Get started with designing your own learning paths and sharing them with teachers! If you need any help, you can refer to these step-by-step instructions, start a live chat with us from your account, email us at or simply give us a call at 1-800-994-0706.
ScootPad Team







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