The Personalization Engine Powering ScootPad

Greetings ScootPad Users!

If you’re wondering how ScootPad works, check out the Platform section on Dive in to see all the magic that happens behind the scenes at ScootPad, and how the platform works to personalize and accelerate learning for your students.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the ScootPad platform:

DNA Personalization Engine a.k.a SkillsDNA
With SkillsDNA, your students have a personalized learning experience and are able to accelerate their learning by 2.5x with the predictive and prescriptive analytics engine.
 content_engine Content Engine
Our engineers and content designers have worked hard to create the highly dynamic and interactive questions that your students practice on a daily basis. The questions are designed to test deeper conceptual knowledge! Click here and scroll down to experience the highly interactive questions!
 mastery_learning Mastery Learning
“Schools cannot provide tutoring for every student but the use of mastery learning in combination with other practical methods could enable students to learn almost as well.”– Dr. Benjamin S Bloom. ScootPad enables a practical instructional strategy designed to quickly identify individual learning difficulties, prescribe just-in-time remediation, and enable rapid concept mastery.
cloud Reliable & Elastic Cloud
What does this mean? 24/7 non-stop learning for your students! You and your students will enjoy uninterrupted and consistent ScootPad usage.
lock Compliance & Data Security
ScootPad is in compliance with COPPA and FERPA. Student privacy is very important to us. This means that we never use, share, or sell personal student information to third parties, for any purpose.
Now that you know how ScootPad works and how it has been so carefully designed to support student learning and achievement, get your students moving on their learning path!
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