Design & Share Learning Paths within school or district-wide

Dear Teachers & Administrators, We're excited to announce this new feature which enables teachers and administrators to create, use and share custom learning paths with other teachers. Custom learning paths help you design your own curriculum in Math and ELA with the scope and sequence of common core concepts rightly aligned for your students.   Here's how you go about designing and... Continue Reading →

Announcing 2015 ScootPad Summer Program

Research shows that students lose 2 to 3 months of grade-level proficiency in math & reading every summer. We’re excited to announce the 2015 ScootPad Summer Program to help students retain their math and reading proficiencies while preparing them for the upcoming school year. It’s our most affordable, convenient and flexible summer program ever, giving... Continue Reading →

We’re Hiring! Are you a tech-savvy educator?

At ScootPad, we're building an awesome learning platform which delivers a personalized learning experience to millions of students. We make this possible with breakthrough technologies including adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, data visualization and gamification - all working seamlessly to make learning accessible and affordable (a majority use it for free). Are you ready to make a big impact? Do you... Continue Reading →

The Personalization Engine Powering ScootPad

Greetings ScootPad Users! If you're wondering how ScootPad works, check out the Platform section on Dive in to see all the magic that happens behind the scenes at ScootPad, and how the platform works to personalize and accelerate learning for your students. Here's a quick breakdown of the ScootPad platform: Personalization Engine a.k.a SkillsDNA With SkillsDNA, your... Continue Reading →

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