Adaptive Learning now available FREE for all Basic Classrooms!

Greetings ScootPad Users!

We are excited to announce that all basic/free classrooms now have the fully automated adaptive learning mode available at no extra cost. If you have a Basic/Free classroom on ScootPad, it now has the adaptive learning mode enabled and ready for your students to launch self-paced practices in Math and ELA. Your students can launch unlimited practices and master concepts from their grade-appropriate learning paths in Math and ELA. All you need to do is to have your students sign in, and launch a practice!



With the fully-automated learning mode enabled, you do not need to manually assign practices/assignments for your students – this saves you time while giving your students unlimited practice 24×7. Feel free to click on the help dropdown for helpful videos and articles, or reach out to us directly to get any questions answered, we are always here to help!

ScootPad Team

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