6 Tips to Prepare your Students for High Stakes Tests

students_standardized_testingWhen it comes to preparing your students for high stakes tests such as PARCC, SBAC, and FSA, it is important to provide them with a balance of activities that will help them prepare for these tests while also alleviating their testing anxiety. State standardized tests measure student progress in the Common Core State Standards with the goal of having college and career ready graduates. By utilizing the following 6 tips, you will be providing your students with a strong game plan for concept mastery and success with these tests.

1. Testing Discussion
By engaging in an open dialogue with your students about testing, they will be able to ask questions about the tests and learn about the benefits. This is also a great opportunity to talk about test taking anxiety and provide ways to decrease stress. You can give your students more time outside of the classroom to play games to recharge and reset their young  minds. Throughout the day and in between activities, you can also allow students to freely use their ScootPad accounts to play learning games and unwind.

2. Daily Practices
Begin each day with a custom practice assignment for your students. You can take a look at standardized testing websites to learn which standards your students will be tested on. Then you can go to ScootPad and easily pick and choose the concepts you would like to assign your students for their practices. You have the option to create manual or adaptive practice assignments.

3. Real-time Reports
Use real-time data to see which concepts your students are struggling with and assign them concept improvement practices for those concepts. You can go to your reports dashboard for both Math and ELA, and you can see the following reports:  standards reports, student reports, activity reports, trend reports, and mastery reports. Teachers can easily drill down in these reports to see which concepts need to be practiced or retaught. The intervention dashboard is also a good place to see real-time data showing three Tiers of students and the concepts that they are struggling with. At that point, you can assign concept improvement practice for your kids.

4. Practice Assessments
Start giving your students practice assessments a couple months before testing will happen. Giving an assessment every week, and covering different concepts, will be a good way to familiarize your students with high stakes test formats. They will improve their keyboarding skills and be more comfortable with taking tests on the computer. You can also time the assessments in class, so your students can get a feel for the testing environment.

5. Literacy Activities
Check out your eBooks library. Assign eBooks and reading assignments with reading prompts, to further prepare your students for the ELA portion of testing.

6. ScootPad Support
For tips and advice on how to utilize ScootPad for test preparation, take a look at our helpful how-to videos or reach out to us!

When testing is over, make sure to celebrate with your students!


ScootPad Team

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