ScootPad Presents: The Global Learnathon

learnation_image Hey ScootPad Users!

Have you checked out the Global Learnathon yet?
What is it, anyway?

The Global Learnathon:  a weekly competition where classrooms, schools, and districts, compete based on their students Math and ELA practice scores. The best part is, your students can improve rankings as they complete their practices, in real-time!

  • Everyone is automatically enrolled in the Global Learnathon
  • Classrooms compete to be ranked as top 3 in their school
  • Schools and districts compete to be ranked as top 100 globally
  • The Learnathon ends every Sunday at midnight (GMT) and winners are announced immediately
  • Winners can download their awards by going to the Hall of Fame

Take a look at this short video and see how it works.

Get started with the Learnathon and watch your students excel on a global scale.

ScootPad Team

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