Go Green and Assign a Practice!

Passing out homework, grading assignments, and preparing assessments, that sounds like a lot of paper being used and time spent!

Over 150,000 teachers have saved over 5,000 trees (that’s at least one forest!) by leveraging ScootPad in their classrooms.

green_treeBeing good to the environment isn’t all we have to offer. We know it takes time to reteach concepts and prepare review worksheets for your students.
ScootPad takes care of all this for you by providing automated and adaptive assignments and assessments that will focus on each specific student, and guide them all to concept mastery.

Almost 600,000 hours of teacher time has been saved by all our teachers, giving them time to focus on other important things, like curriculum development and adjustments, and student one-on-one time.

So go ahead and assign a practice on ScootPad. Our interactive and technology-enhanced questions are sure to keep your students engaged and motivated.


What is your impact on student learning, cost saving, and the environment? Measure your impact using ScootPad!


ScootPad Team


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