Getting Cozy, Learning with ScootPad

One of my main goals as a GT teacher is to engage my advanced students in thinking and learning. I’m not above any method that will hook them. In my class, we use a gamification platform to support the notion that we start knowing nothing and we move up the levels to greater and greater mastery. I have Hokki chairs in my class to helps kids move and wiggle while doing their ScootPad practices and games.

classroom_learningSo I was wondering what to add this year to augment my tools. More Hokki chairs? A new gamification platform? I was pondering the possibilities when I went on a field trip with my son’s 2nd grade class on Friday. They are studying communities and so we took a walking field trip to a number of nearby businesses. And that’s where I saw them: the new tool in my arsenal of keeping kids engaged and interested while learning: My study stations! “Study Buddy Stations” I have dubbed them.

There, on the showroom floor, were the simplest of circle seats. What a perfect way to encourage kids to snuggle down in the chair and pull over a Chromebook to do a ScootPad practice or two! How do you set up your classroom for ScootPad practice?



Dr. Michelle Anthony

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