Challenging My Students & Seeing Results

Those of you who have been following my blog know I am super excited that I have many students who are practicing on ScootPad and showing concept mastery. Remi is one of those students. As I also wrote about in another post, I discovered some hidden challenges for Remi when looking at his ability by concept breakdown.

To begin to address this, I assigned some concept improvement practices for him.conceptimprovement

Each week, I assign 2 reading and 2 math. But because I wanted to target almost 10 skills with Remi, and the ELA practices are only 10 problems, I knew I’d need more practices to allow him multiple opportunities to work on the different concepts. As a result, I made him 6 assignment over more than one week. I don’t love doing this, as I’ve had students freak out when they look at their dashboard and see so many practices, as they don’t realize I’ve also extended the due date so it evens out.

To try and compensate for the “extra” work, I gave the practices a special name: Remi Challenge. I was hoping when he saw something personalized just for him, he would be inspired to take on the challenge.

Based on the number of practices he’s done so far, I’m encouraged. I’m even more excited to see the attention he’s paid to the questions which are a collection of concepts that are clearly harder for him than what he faces in most practices!! He’s doing great!!

What are ways you encourage students to take on challenges?


Dr. Michelle Anthony

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