How To Make Blended Learning Work

blended_learningMany teachers have been skeptics of bringing technology into the classroom. It’s a new concept, it’s different, it could be a waste of time, there’s not enough data out there, what if it doesn’t work?

These are just some of the concerns many teachers have had. Liz Arney, Director of Innovative Learning at Aspire Public Schools, felt the same way, as there wasn’t much data of blended learning’s successful implementation several years ago. She was weary of blended learning, but she was a big believer of personalized and differentiated instruction for each student. Arney recognized that technology was something every adult used on a daily basis, and that students were heavily using technology in college and other areas of their lives, so she accepted that technology needed to be in the classroom, to cater to the needs of her students.

As she mentions in her article Lessons From the Frontier: How to Make Blended Learning Truly Work, “You’re going blended because you want to figure out how technology can help you solve a targeted problem: increase student achievement given your context, school culture, and the overall willingness of your teachers to tackle the challenges your students face.”

As blended learning was introduced to several Aspire Public Schools, teacher were seeing results. Nancy Castro, a kindergarten teacher at Aspire Titan Academy mentioned, “The data that is provided through the software has allowed me to focus more on my guided reading groups and also target my student needs.”ROL

With our insights and reports feature, teachers and parents are able to see their students results in real time. This helps teachers better understand their individual students’ challenges. Blended learning helps students become active participants of their own learning.

While many teachers mention that there isn’t sufficient data proving that online learning is increasing student achievement, ScootPad can show you results!

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