Excite Learning with a Class Rewards System

At school I run a gamified classroom, where students earn mission points (MPEs) for quests (assignments) they complete. I extend this framework to our ScootPad rewards by allowing students to purchase mission points with ScootPad coins.  For every 50 coins students earn on ScootPad, they can purchase 1 Mission Point, which can be earned by getting 100% on a math practice or doing well on two math or reading practices.  They can also save their coins and purchase 5 mission points for 160 coins. I love the conversations this leads to with kids about money, goal setting, and saving for more long term goals.

I also love that ScootPad tells students how much they need to earn (and save!) to purchase the next level of reward. The kids are having more fun than ever with the coin exchange, since they are able to unlock games and change their wallpapers along with their color themes.

While I don’t have a great deal of diversity in my rewards portal, the kids covet them. In fact, some of my second graders beg to be in my portal even though their homeroom teacher also uses ScootPad and offers rewards. To satisfy their persistent asking, she has added my rewards to her bank for those kids who also go to GT (gifted/talented).

I also have a highly coveted reward, which is the option to purchase a Teacher Treasure (a class privilege) for 400 coins. This is a highly prized reward, to earn this, a student must get 15 mission points or 400 coins–many of my kids try to save for this one.

Even simple incentives can get kids motivated!
Even simple incentives can get kids motivated!

Other possible class reward options are:

  • bring a stuffed pal to school day
  • teacher trinket
  • lunch with the teacher
  • homework pass
  • drop a test
  • computer time
  • bring music to class
  • iPad time
  • draw on the board
  • teacher’s helper for the day
  • 5 points extra credit on a test
  • skip a question on a test
  • bring a book to recess
  • borrow a game
  • choose your seat in class day
  • use pen all day
  • choose a fancy eraser
  • first in line

What are some of your class rewards?

Dr. Michelle Anthony

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