The Gift of Technology

I didn’t always love technology. In fact, ours was the house where the kids watched zero TV and used zero electronic devices. Zero. I wanted my kids to touch and build and race and play.

I'd rather my kids play than watch TV

Until my oldest was in 5th grade, my kids (then 10, 7, and 4) didn’t even go to movies or watch videos, with long plane rides east to visit family being the notable exceptions. But my perspective on technology changed overnight when my 5th grader was writing a long Harris Burdick story. Over 5 single spaced pages to be exact, and she was just getting started. I loved it and was excited for her to keep going, but she didn’t want to, because this was just her rough draft, handwritten, and she would have to rewrite it all for her final draft.


Like a lightning bolt, it hit me. She was holding back her creativity and productivity because she did not have access to the tools that would enhance them. That very day, I typed up her story and gave her a laptop to take to school to work on it. Her writing blossomed as did my understanding of the power of technology to support kids’ learning. While my children still watch zero TV and rarely see movies, we do take advantage of the way tools like ScootPad enhance my children’s learning and thinking.

I talk to my fair share of parents with my initial beliefs. And on one level, I totally get it. I’ve been there. But when I talk to parents who are lamenting that their child is behind, or under challenged, or that they simply have no idea what abilities their child has or where their child falls in the spectrum of expectation for schools, I share my story with them. I show them the power of ScootPad to give them and their children exactly what they need in an instant, without the parent needing to do a thing. To me, it’s that simple: it’s like magic.

Sometimes ScootPad’s simplicity blows my mind and I’m so glad to have such a comprehensive platform to share with parents that can offer something so powerful so easily.

How has your journey been, with discovering what ScootPad can bring you?

Dr. Michelle Anthony

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