ScootPad for RTI

As an Assistant Principal at a K-8 charter school, my husband recently mentioned that there is a block in their middle school schedule for RTI (Response to Intervention) with students struggling to be proficient. He asked me what I would recommend for helping the teachers structure this time, as the educators who run it take it on as an additional responsibility, added to their already full teaching load. He wanted an easy means by which they could engage the kids and build up the necessary foundation for the students, without needing to add on too much additional planning and prep time to these already overloaded schedules.

Math_LPScootPad immediately came to mind! More than any other online program I have seen or used, ScootPad is simple to “set up” and get going. While teachers CAN individualize the learning path for any student or any concept, they don’t HAVE to. They can simply put in the student’s grade and the child can get going. Instantly, they are learning without the teacher needing to do, well…anything! Add to that the back end simplicity of being able to run reports by student, by concept, by pretty much anything, and you have an ideal situation.

Math_reportOf course I am not saying that ScootPad should replace teacher-student interaction, nor be the only means by which kids get learning input. Once you know you can provide the necessary foundation and remove the time and energy previously necessary for constant analysis of skill advancement, suddenly your teachers have the time and energy to add the other elements of great programming, with the total confidence of knowing they are giving students an individualized program that provides exactly what they need!


Dr. Michelle Anthony

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