Wake Up Call

sunriseGetting ready for school in the morning is such a busy time. Especially if you have 3 kids in 3 schools and you and your husband are both also educators. Do the math…that’s 5 people in 5 schools with 5 different schedules! Yikes! So, needless to say, I’ve not been exactly on it with our family ScootPad practices these days.

But sometimes, a midst these busy moments something magical happens, as happened in my house the other day. My son was very focused on getting ready for school and I wondered why. Usually, he likes to mill about until I let him know it’s almost time for school, then he’ll throw everything together at the last minute. This morning, he was all business, so it caught my attention in that quiet way, and I did not want to interrupt it and ruin a beautiful thing.

When his things were organized by the door and his shoes on, a full 25 minutes before it was time to go, I knew something was up.

“Mom?” I heard him call from the office, “What’s my password for ScootPad again?”

Ummm…what? I thought to myself. Did he just ask how to log in to ScootPad? Was his rush to get ready so that he could have more time on ScootPad? How did he even think of it? We are always in such a rush in the morning, so I was confused, but never will I be one to stand in the way of learning. I reminded him of his password and marveled in the silence of self-initiated learning.

What ways have your children surprised you with their desire to learn?

Dr. Michelle anthony


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