Hybrid Classes Out-learn Traditional Classes

blended_learning_pictureMore than nine out of ten schools using a hybrid learning program reported higher academic performance on standardized tests compared to traditional classrooms in the same school district or state benchmarks (Hybrid Learning Program Results, Hybrid Learning Institute, Dellicker Strategies, 2013-2014).

What are hybrid classrooms doing so differently anyway? Many base their learning model on the following six characteristics:

  1. Blended classroom
  2. Rotation around different learning stations
  3. Small group instruction
  4. Digital assessments
  5. Differentiated instruction
  6. Personalized learning

Students at hybrid-committed school districts like Hatboro-Horsham School District(PA) and Indiana Area School District(PA), are out-performing their peers in traditional learning classrooms in their PSSA tests and Keystone exams, scoring 10% higher than their traditional learning counterparts. Spring City Elementary(PA) saw a 23-27% increase in it’s students’ Math, Reading, and Science scores from the previous year.

At ScootPad, we believe in utilizing the digital space to enhance deeper learning for students, at their own pace. Having a platform where students can log in at any time and any place to access the practice they individually need is key to successful concept mastery. Here at ScootPad, we say yes to blended learning and higher test scores!


Visit The Journal for more information: http://thejournal.com/articles/2014/12/18/hybrid-classes-outlearn-traditional-classes.aspx

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