Rewarding my Over-Achievers

In my classroom I run a gamification platform. It’s not that we play games all the time, it’s just the framework I use with kids to help motivate them. In my classes they are not given a grade. And they don’t get homework. So how do I keep them wanting to advance and put in the effort I demand from them?

I have a “level up” system whereby they earn XPs for behaviors and work they do in class that will allow them to literally move their “avatar” (aka clothespin) up the ribbon hanging in my room. In fact, most of my teacher rewards they can earn on ScootPad are XPs they can “purchase” with their coins. My thinking is that if  they  are willing to go above and beyond the class requirements, practicing ScootPad at home, or when they finish their other work in class, then they deserve to move up in the ranks, so to speak.

So how do I reward my students who go the extra mile with ScootPad ? I’ve had a few that really excelled and kept challenging themselves, even when school was not in session. While of course they earn coins for doing the work (and they can purchase rewards), I want these students to know that I recognize their extra effort and their achievement.

One thought I have is a pizza party for those kids. Another is to give  a “power up” and move them up the ribbon first thing…to let their extra ScootPad efforts advance them within the class in a way that is visible to all their peers. Maybe it will set up a healthy competition between them. 🙂

Other ideas or suggestions for how I can reward and recognize my over-achievers?

Dr. Michelle Anthony

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