Ready or Not, BYOD is Here to Stay

Not too far in the future, students will be bringing in their own devices to school. They will have the option to pull out their own tablets (or other devices) and log on to learning platforms at any place and any time. Sound familiar? That’s the ScootPad mantra! We recognize the need for students to have personalized learning wherever and whenever. Whether students are logging on to ScootPad at school, home, or anywhere else, they are trekking through their own adaptive learning paths and achieving concept mastery.

School districts are still working out the logistics (security and bandwidth) for BYOD. They will need to switch over to digital content and offer online tools available to all student devices. On top of that, troubleshooting all the various devices won’t be a walk in the park for IT operations personnel.

Even with all these future adjustments, this change will bring about many benefits for students. The takeaway of BYOD (aka BYOT–Bring your own technology)? Students will be doing more research on their own, inspiring critical thinking. They will also be able to learn in their own environment and at their own pace.

Visit the Center for Digital Education website for more information:

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