Intervention: Easy As Pie!

I admit, I was feeling pretty intimidated to try and “figure out” how to use the intervention feature on ScootPad. As anyone who knows me knows, I hate change. New things involve change. I know they bring new opportunities, but I am the kind who wades very slowly into the water.

Such was my plan here: I clicked on some buttons to see what it was all about. But much to my delight and surprise… that was all it took. I clicked on “Math…Intervention” and this is what I saw:

Looking at how many concpets my student's don't need intervention on has me feeling pretty good!
Looking at how many concepts my student’s don’t need intervention on has me feeling pretty good!

And I was intimidated. Until I hovered over the image and realized that it simply was showing me that, overall, my kids are doing pretty well. I mean, take a look! My kids are doing fine on 324 concepts. 324! Ok, so there are 21 concepts I can work with small clusters on…that’s doable (remember, I teach K-5, so I am working with kids doing Common Core across 6 different grades). And as far as individual kids go, only 23 individuals need concept improvement work. I’m feeling pretty good about this!

Assigning interventions happens with just a click!
Assigning interventions happens with just a click!

So I waded in deeper: I clicked the ‘review’ button for the 21 concepts that groups of kids need to work on. And simple as anything, I checked a box by a concept that a group (of already identified kids!) can work on. Then I clicked “assign Concept Improvement” and it auto-generated the intervention practice. That was it! Easy as pie!

I wish all my lesson planning were this easy! How are you taking advantage of the intervention feature on ScootPad?

Dr. Michelle Anthony

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