The Test of Time

My son has been using ScootPad for a number of years now. I think we may have been one of the first people who signed up for it, as my son’s name was available as his username without any numbers or additional letters. I won’t say he uses ScootPad everyday, but he does use it consistently. It ebbs and flows with the pace of our lives, but it’s been a touchstone for learning for us for the last 2+ years.


All this to say, he has certainly done his fair share of practices on it. And he’s pretty good at it. Generally, I have him one year advanced in his math and reading practices to keep him challenged and engaged. He works hard, but he’s not perfect. Neither is ScootPad nor any learning platform for that matter. Believe me, I always hear about it when my son sees a question marked wrong when he thinks it should have been right.

That reality notwithstanding, he’s seen his fair share of fireworks at the end of practices. He looks for them. Counts on them. If he doesn’t get them, he’s severely disappointed. Sometimes I explain that new things can be hard to learn and master, and then we sit together and figure out what is making things hard.



When it clicks, he says, “Mom, you can stop helping me now…I get it. Let me earn my fireworks, please.”

Even after several years, it has not gotten old. I love that! ScootPad really has stood the test of time for us!

Dr. Michelle Anthony

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