Anticipating Future Excitement

Not all the kids I work with are equally excited about the work I give. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the content I teach and the means by which I teach it are pretty engaging. But some of my students simply engage in different means or manners. One thing I am excited about with ScootPad is the opportunity that it provides to reach more students around their area of interest.

More specifically, I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming release of the spelling and eBooks leaderboards. Just say the word “spelling” and I have 3 students who come to mind who ask me for extra spelling work each week. These are the same students, by the way, that I cannot get to do the weekly practices independently, despite the fact that they are eager, bright students who have ready access to the computer at school and at home (a luxury many of my students do not have). But mention the word “spelling” and I have them at the ready. I would love to be able to reward their eagerness and industry with a leaderboard that taps their strengths and promotes their engagement.


I’m equally excited for the eBooks leaderboard! I have some avid readers in my group: kids who would rather read than do anything else. What better way to acknowledge that than a class eBooks leaderboard? For those who go above and beyond, this is a way to help them visually see the accomplishment and be recognized for their efforts.


What new features are you most anticipating?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


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