Assessment Enhancements

We’re happy to announce that we have made some exciting changes to our Math and ELA assessments! Teachers and parents can now preview concepts, review assessment reports (and send these to parents), measure growth between assessments, review individual student responses, and assign concept improvement practice!

Concept Preview


Want to see the types of questions students will be asked? Preview a sample question for concepts before adding to an assessment.


assessment - advanced report

assessment - report

See exactly how students performed by standard with the Standard Assessment Report.

assessment - send to parents

 Keep parents in the loop: with just a few clicks, you can send the Standards Assessment Report to all parents.

Measure Growth

assessment - growth report

Measure growth between two assessments by student and by standard.

 Student Responses

assessment -student results

Gain deeper insight into student progress by seeing individual student responses on assessments.

Concept Improvement

assessment -Concept Improvement

Easily assign concept improvement assignments from assessment results.

For further assessment instruction, please review our help articles:

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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