Spark Curiosity to Create Problem Solving Opportunities

I am always trying to find real world problems for my students to relate to and get excited by. I want them to see the value in learning and the ways it applies to everyday problems they seek to solve. I had the perfect opportunity arise the other day. When Samuel finished his ELA practice, he invited me over to see his success. I gave him a high-five and admired his hard work. Then he commented that it took him 689 seconds to do the set. “How long is that?” he asked curiously.

Curiosity can leads to all kinds of problem solving!
Curiosity can leads to all kinds of problem solving!

“Hmmm…I’m not sure. What do you think?” I posited, seeing if he would take the bait.

“Well…” He began.

I could see the wheels turning. Bingo! I knew I had him. He went on to apply logical thinking and applied reasoning to figure out how long the practice had taken him. I will admit, I was wondering myself why the time was in seconds, but I guess a little mystery and a bit of curiosity answers the question! Now how do I answer him when he asked why he didn’t get the full 20 coins??

What surprising ways have you been able to plug in problem solving with new features on ScootPad?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


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