November 2014

Anticipating Future Excitement

Not all the kids I work with are equally excited about the work I give. Don’t get me wrong, I believe the content I teach and the means by which I teach it are pretty engaging. But some of my... Continue Reading →

The Quiet Wow of ScootPad

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have been using ScootPad for years with my family. Long enough that my son’s username is his first name without any numbers. One might say he’s as much an expert... Continue Reading →

NEW: Easily Send Reports to Parents

Now it's easier than ever to keep parents engaged and involved in student learning! We've added a new feature for teachers so they can send student reports such as Mastery Progress Report, Spelling Assignment Report, Standards Assessment Report & Behavior Report to parents... Continue Reading →

ScootPad for Data Pull

Today was a non-contact day for us in Denver Public Schools. Yesterday as well. We spent the last 2 days thinking about and digging into our Interim assessment data. I found it frustrating. I wanted the district to give us... Continue Reading →

Scratchpad Mania!

I am so pleased with the new Scratchpad on ScootPad! It’s not perfect (at least, working with a mouse on any scratchpad is not perfect!), but the new overlay gives both students and teachers a terrific learning tool! Take the... Continue Reading →

Behavior Feature Improvements

We have made some great improvements to the behavior feature! Teachers and parents can now review & print behavior reports, and they can edit & delete recorded behaviors. Teachers can easily email behavior reports to parents with just a few clicks! Dashboard Get... Continue Reading →

Assessment Enhancements

We're happy to announce that we have made some exciting changes to our Math and ELA assessments! Teachers and parents can now preview concepts, review assessment reports (and send these to parents), measure growth between assessments, review individual student responses, and... Continue Reading →

Spelling Revamped with Games!

We're excited to release the new and improved spelling feature on ScootPad! Adding and monitoring spelling assignments is now easier than ever for teachers. The user interface for students has been greatly improved including support for voice on all devices. Also, kids... Continue Reading →

Spark Curiosity to Create Problem Solving Opportunities

I am always trying to find real world problems for my students to relate to and get excited by. I want them to see the value in learning and the ways it applies to everyday problems they seek to solve.... Continue Reading →

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