October 2014

Interactive Instruction Through Scootorials!

Within my GT (gifted and talented) groups, many of my students are second language learners. Thus, I have great diversity among my students, as some of the data points that qualify them for GT are non verbal intelligence scores, demonstrating... Continue Reading →

Using Learning Path Honeycombs to Drive Self-Motivation

One of my goals is to have my students be more engaged in their own outcomes. I am only with them about an hour a week, so I need them to be self-motivated to keep learning and pushing themselves. Since... Continue Reading →

The Positive Side of Being Controlling

When it comes to the internet, I am a bit of a control freak. I admit it. I think of it as a good quality in a teacher. The web is an amazing place and I use a lot of... Continue Reading →

Improved Student Enrollment & Parent Engagement

We're excited to release improvements to the enrollment process which makes adding and enrolling students easier than ever for teachers and admins. Teachers can now see their entire student roster from within their classroom, and admins can bulk enroll students... Continue Reading →

Mastering the Mastery Progress Report

Last week ScootPad released it’s Mastery Progress Report...and I LOVE it! Before, we could see in a static way how a student was progressing through a single grade. The beautiful aspect of the new reports is that you can see... Continue Reading →

Assign eBooks for Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) Practice

I am exploring more and more of the new features on ScootPad. I am a creature of habit and so I tend to stay with the familiar. But there are so many new things to explore on the platform, I... Continue Reading →

Loving the New Interface!

I’ll admit it. I hate change. Hate it. Just ask my husband. And kids. Unfortunately, I chose to be an educator, which means change is constant. It’s not always bad, and I know that, but I still say it: I... Continue Reading →

Update on bug fixes and features. Plus, What’s Next?

THANK YOU all for embracing the change and transitioning to the new ScootPad. We greatly appreciate your support and all the feedback/suggestions you've sent us over the past 2 weeks - please keep them coming! In this update we wanted to let you know... Continue Reading →

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