ScootPad Empowers Kids to Learn Independently

I was excited today when my son stumbled on his math practice on ScootPad. That sounds strange, doesn’t it? Why would this make me excited? Because he discovered a new tool!


When my son gets stuck on a practice, he’ll call me over to problem solve with him. Sometimes, he has made a careless mistake. Sometimes he’s just not sure how to get started. Sometimes he’s encountering something he has never learned before. Such was the case today. He’s going in to second grade, but is doing 3rd grade math on ScootPad. Today he was asked to find the equivalent fraction for 2/3. Lots of important vocabulary here! Equivalent, numerator, denominator, etc. I sat with him and we talked about how to find equivalent fractions. I think I saw his eyes go buggy. Maybe I was going too quickly or talking too fast, I’m not sure, because I actually consider myself a pretty good teacher. 🙂

I said we could try a different example, but then he stopped me. “Don’t worry mom. I’ll just watch the lesson and I know I’ll get it!” He clicked the ‘play’ button next to the concept in his learning path and began listening and responding. As I watched him engage and respond to the questions I saw that glazed over look brighten.



I was of course happy to see him click in to the words and ideas he was being asked to apply. But even more, I loved how he had discovered a new tool to support his learning. Not to free me from interacting with him about ideas and problems. But to allow each of use to have additional resources to support his expanding world of inquiry and knowledge. I do not want to be his only source of strategy, but I do want one that is reliable and that I too can interface with, with him. Happily, ScootPad provides both!

Dr. Michelle Anthony

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