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back to school
It feels like summer just began, and yet, my kids are going back to school next week! We are in the process of registering my oldest for high school, my middle child for middle school and my youngest for 2nd grade. Lots of changes around here (and 3 kids at 3 different schools: bleck!). As an educator and a parent, I want my kids to go back to school feeling confident and prepared–socially as well as academically. For us, that means setting up play dates with school friends, getting new school supplies, and getting a few new outfits and shoes. Most importantly, it means reviewing required summer reading books so we go in remembering the stories, and of course, continuing our skills solidification on

Over the summer, we did 2 math and 2 reading practices almost every week. Some practices were review and some were new content. As a teacher, I know many kids arrive not remembering a lot of what they learned last year, and how much instructional time is lost on needing review and re-learn. I also know the beginning of the year, like the end, is full of assessments and evaluations, and kids are placed often in year-long groups by these. For better or for worse. That’s why it’s so important for kids to stay fresh by doing some practice over the summer.


As a parent, I want my children to feel confident to do these assessments. I truly believe working on ScootPad over the summer has helped instill this confidence in my kids. I want them to feel good about what they know, because it will not only help them get better placed in the class, but it will also give them self-assurance about their skills. This self-assurance  will  help them make friends and make more social overtures, because they will feel good about themselves and their ability to do well in school.

How do you help your children feel ready to start the new school year?



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